kubbabudin.is LEGOSTORE

B2C webshop implementation with a concurrent LS Retail implementation. Using LS Omni and DW LS Retail Integration. 600 products and 32 themes from LEGO (Major groups). Different payment options and diffrent delivery or pickup options.


kubbabudin.is is the company that runs a LEGO store in Iceland alongside it´s largest office supply and furniture store A4. They aim to service their customers and make LEGO products available for everybody in Iceland with shipping to every part of country.

kubbabudin.is runs a brick and mortar LEGO store as well running the large office supply and furniture store A4. They have a webshop for A4 and were looking to add a webshop for their LEGO store. This was happening at the same time as they were looking to move from AX to LS Retail NAV. Since they were changing their ERP they also needed to replace their existing A4 webshop. Since A4 was up and running already on their old environment it was decided to start by building a fresh website for LEGO, kubbabudin.is

They primary incentive for making a LEGO webshop was to make their products accessible to everyone in Iceland via top delivery services. And to meet the growing demand they were already receiving via alternate means such as social media messages and phone calls.

Dynamicweb as a solution

The solution that was accepted was an implementation of one DW application running both A4.is and Legobudin.is. Integration was to go through LS Omni for a high starting point and to match their ongoing LS Retail NAV implementation. Implementing the LEGO webshop first was a logical first step since it meant starting fresh on a new site. The Design was done in house at Advania.

To get a higher starting point for the user interface it was decided to use Rapido 3.2 which meant mostly adjusting the styling to match the design but having most of the functionality already in place. Admittedly the final solution will have veered quite far from the original Rapido solution.


kubbabudin.is was released and exposed to the world shortly before the black friday/cyber monday weekend and on the first week they shop already had hundreds of orders. Most product information is synchronized directly from LS Retail and all orders get automatically processed over to LS Retail. Work on A4.is is currently ongoing.
kubbabudin.is / LEGOSTORE
kubbabudin.is / LEGOSTORE
B2C, Retail, Dynamics NAV

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