TuinVisie B.V.

B2B PIM portal with 3000 customer specific and customized products


TuinVisie is a producer, importer and supplier of a wide range of garden products for the consumer market. The assortment range includes concrete ornamental paving, wall blocks, natural stones, ceramic tiles, garden timber, artificial grass and composite, as well as outdoor lighting, pond material and maintenance and cleaning products. This makes TuinVisie the total supplier for garden construction materials. TuinVisie only sells through her B2B-channels, not directly to consumers. In November 2015, TuinVisie became part of Morssinkhof Groep B.V. Morssinkhof Groep is a manufacturer of civil engineering and decorative paving products and a supplier of street bricks and facing bricks.

TuinVisie had 2 separate sites, a consumer website and a B2B-portal, which both needed to be filled and maintained in a very dated custom CMS. Changes on the website in terms of products and prices needed to be processed 2 times. With an assortment of approximately 3000 products and over 300 new products each year, it was very time consuming and therefore costly to keep the sites up to date. On top of that internal difficulty customers of TuinVisie could only see the general prices, not their customer specific prices, which wasn’t very customer friendly as well.

Dynamicweb as a solution

TuinVisie now has a consumer website with a B2B portal in one, connected to their PIM and ERP system. The portal is filled with 3000 products, and all customer have their own product prices and discounts. The website with B2B portal is customized for each customer and filled out automatically with product details thanks to the connection with the PIM system. A school example of the single-source-of-truth benefit.


With the new Dynamicweb solution TuinVisie no longer needs to keep her assortment up to date manually in 2 separate CMS’s, for it is now automatically filled via PIM. Prices and customers are based on data from ERP which also saves a lot of time. But even more important, the chance of errors is minimalised because data is no longer manually filled in a CMS. With the addition of the customer specific prices, customer are now more willing to buy online instead of by mail of phone, which saves time and money as well.
Manon Albinus,  Projectmanager, PIM/MDM specialist
""The combination of Dynamicweb, PIM and ERP with Innovadis as our implementation partner has proven to be the perfect solution for our growing organisation."
- Manon Albinus, Projectmanager, PIM/MDM specialist
TuinVisie B.V.
TuinVisie B.V.
The Netherlands
B2B, PIM, Manufacturing
Innovadis B.V.

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