A flexible eCommerce solution for distributors

Increase visibility and boost sales in distribution with eCommerce

Dynamicweb offers a B2B and B2C eCommerce platform that is helping distributors to reach new audiences. It scales eCommerce success in distribution with advanced features such as an ordering portal for your customers, real-time stock availability and pricing, as well as powerful product management systems.

Dynamicweb adapts to your business, offering flexible, seamless solutions that connects into key applications like ERP, PIM and CRM to enable personalized commerce and support accelerated growth.



Discover the flexible Dynamicweb eCommerce Suite that combines a user-friendly design with industry-specific features such as:

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Full Self-Service Customer Portal
Show customer-specific pricing, invoices, shipment status, on- and offline order history with rich product information. Let customers create order templates to easily add recurring orders straight into their shopping carts. Inform when sold-out items will be back in stock or offer similar products to maximize shopping cart value. 

Powerful PIM for your entire supply chain 
Dynamicweb PIM provides effective import and handling of product information from multiple suppliers. For instance, your customers can access real-time information on inventory levels, their on- and offline orders, as well as other ERP inventory information.  

ERP real-time integration
Empower your customer portal with customer-specific pricing and product availability to deliver excellent service and support. With Dynamicweb, you get a mature platform that leverages real-time ERP data to support a scalable sales channel. Compliment your solution with add-ons from our Marketplace

Digital data availability
Give your customer access to all digital data such as product information, manuals, pictures, exploded views and much more. This way you provide the right information when your customers need it resulting in a better online experience and eliminating errors and delays.


Distributors' Success Stories 

Anette Fagerlind
Marketing Manager at Skanska Rental

“The solution supports our sales process and is used as both a digital product catalog, customer portal and integrates much of the process around Skanska’s rental business. Our B2B eCommerce solution is an extremely important part of our digital venture in an otherwise very conservative industry."

Jerry Janssens
Project Manager IT at VARO Energy

"We were looking for a supplier who could help us replace our 12-year-old static customer portal. Thanks to the collaboration between Supplier, Sales-, Marketing- and IT-team we have now have a successful business portal."​ ​

Jonas Sodemann
Head of Service & Calibration at Elma Instruments

“All combined, our new solution has improved our service and order handling. It saves us several hours of manual work every day. The feedback from our customers is very positive and we are experiencing an increased number of new service cases that requires less manual correspondence.”​



Dynamicweb was listed in Forrester's report "Now Tech: Product Information Management, Q1 2020 - Forrester’s Overview Of 22 PIM Providers." 


Dynamicweb was awarded 1st place as the best eCommerce platform at the eCommerce Germany Awards, eCommerce Expo Berlin! 

Michael N on Oct 21, 2020

"Dynamicweb is a solid suite of tools that enables a business to succeed online.
The solution provides quality functionality for building Ecommerce, PIM and CMS out-of-the-box" 


Improve the shopping experience and increase your sales with industry-specific and sales-driven features. 

At Dynamicweb, we, in close collaboration with our +300 partners, enable distributors to deliver better digital customer experiences and to scale eCommerce success through our cloud-based eCommerce Suite with industry-specific features such as: 

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Improve and quality control product information

The days of siloed data, order errors, missing orders, and delayed, or (too) early orders are over, thanks to your ERP integrated eCommerce solution.  

Having your ERP and eCommerce working as one, you’ll be able to deliver product information that will result in increased sales and reduced hours spent on manual work.

Automatic workflows let you sell what’s available in your ERP with stock status, pricing, pictures, etc. showing all data in real-time. 

This approach is highly scalable and will enable a better customer experience and increased revenue. 


Be where your customers are - online - 24/7 

Give your customers the power to interact with your business how they want, when they want, and in a frictionless manner.​ 

From customer-specific prices to seasonal assortments, the complex pricing structures built in your ERP are translated into the online sales environment.  

Dynamicweb’s platform delivers an ERP integrated eCommerce solution that empowers you to start selling with a fully functioning storefront that works on all devices at all times. 

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Increase customer loyalty with self-service and quality content  

Self-service customer portals are one of the highest-rated topics in B2B and B2C eCommerce. Offering your customers to order, check previous orders, read up on rich product data on their terms, when and where they want is what drives a positive frictionless commerce experience.  

Offering this positive shopping experience will turn customers into repeat customers, and into ambassadors for your brand. 

Turn your B2B website into your B2B webshop

B2B distributors and wholesalers that embrace the digital transformation must consider upgrading their conventional website into a modern B2B eCommerce store. 

Digitize your business and enable online ordering so your customers can use your website to purchase goods and services in just a few clicks.

The Dynamicweb eCommerce Suite supports both traditional and headless eCommerce ensuring your website has the look and feel that you want. 

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​Sell everywhere + cloud Picture

Scale your business with add-ons

With the Dynamicweb Marketplace we, with our partners, have collected the best possible add-ons to further enhance the digital customer & commerce experience while turning your website into a powerful sales channel.  

Recognize which companies are on your website browsing your products, add marketplace integration middleware options, enrich your products straight from a central data repository, and many more powerful add-ons. 

Built-in Click & Collect

According to GlobalData, the Click and Collect market is forecast to increase 55.6% over the next five years and account for 13.6% of online sales in 2022. Therefore, Click and Collect is an essential part of any omnichannel retailing strategy. 

Retailers from one to hundreds of stores can benefit from offering a Click and Collect option. It is truly amazing what a stock control system and order management can do for your omnichannel customer experience. 

The combined solution between LS Retail and Dynamicweb makes it easy for your customers to buy an item online and collect it in-store.


Click & Collect Picture

Learn B2B eCommerce strategies and best practices 

How to build your eCommerce strategy

eCommerce has exploded in recent years. In fact, according to Amazon Business, B2B eCommerce in the US alone is forecasted to reach $1.8 trillion by 2023 - more than twice as much as "traditional" B2C eCommerce.

Get the whitepaper to learn why distributors, wholesalers and manufacturers choose Dynamicweb to power their eCommerce digital experiences.



“To meet the demand of modern consumers, distributors are adopting digital transformation. We experience that distributors are finding new ways to streamline fulfillment processes across the supply chain. The flexibility of being able to create online orders when the time is convenient saves time and increases accuracy.

Whether you want to reach new markets, win new customers, or automate manual operations for efficiency, Dynamicweb offers one of the most flexible full-stack eCommerce platform for distributors to boost sales and foster company growth."

Steffen Breen
Country Manager Norway, Dynamicweb

​Ready to explore Dynamicweb a bit deeper? 

Talk to an expert 

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Take your distribution website to next level

As a distributor, your website must persuades your visitors with your products, as well as why they should choose you over your competitors. At Dynamicweb, we offer an industry-recognized eCommerce suite built for the distribution industry that accomplishes both of these goals. 

If your current website has room for improvement, we are more than happy to assist you! Our team is ready - contact us today to see how yourr business can create a site that can reach potential customers and turn them into returning customers. 

Dynamicweb's reliable platform empowers you to provide a better commerce experience that also lets you cut down on inefficient administrative tasks. You'll get benefits such as:

  • Accurate & rich product data
    Show real-time product data from your ERP – no matter the number of spare parts you sell.
  • Stabile scalability
    All components to improve internal workflows to easily and rapidly to scale your business.
  • Customer empowerment
    Offer customer portals with self-service options that show specific pricings, invoice management and delivery tracking among others.

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