Web Content Management System: Attract New Customers

Dynamicweb CMS is built to deliver powerful customer experience for all devices and through all channels. It’s user friendly and scales to handle all your content including deployment for multiple sites, languages and content editors.

Robust Content Management capabilities

Customer Experience

Customer Experience

• Build responsive sites for devices like mobile and tablets

• Deliver your message consistent to multiple channels

• Personalization to deliver targeted and relevant content

Handle Your Content

Handle Your Content

• Operate multilingual sites from one platform

• Use drafts, compare versions and setup workflows

• Optimize content for SEO with keyword analysis tool

Scale and Customize

Scale and Customize

• Based on scalable Microsoft .NET technology

• Use extensability framework to extend or change behavior

• Create your own apps or integrate with other systems

Content editing in Dynamicweb


Watch this 2-minute presentation

With Dynamicweb Content Management (CMS) in place, you have more time to focus on your message and communicating with your customers and prospects. It's intuitive and enables you to easily publish content for different devices and through different digital channels. 


Lightning fast Content Management

User friendly and easy to work with! Switch between your CMS, Ecommerce, Product Information Management (PIM), Marketing and File Manager in no time – even without saving or losing content. Just go back and pick up where you left off. You will love it! 

Watch 2-minute demo: Content Editing in Dynamicweb


Visual Editor

Dynamicweb makes it easier than ever before to manage your website. The Visual Editor lets you work on the website itself - no more editing backend and hitting the f5 frontend. Using the predefined templates makes creating and maintaining your website extremely smooth. And you'll, of course, have access to all of the tools that let you tweak the look and feel of the content you're configuring.

Get a glimpse to see the ease of working in the new Visual Editor in this 2-minute video


Content Personalization

Give your website visitors the personal digital experience they expect by displaying relevant content based on website interactions and previous visits - even if your visitors are not registered users. No coding needed! It is easy to setup and runs automatically.

Watch 2-minute demo: Content Personalization in Dynamicweb

Handle multiple languages and websites

Expand your digital presence and reach new audiences by creating and sharing content across multiple websites and languages. Dynamicweb gives you all the necessary tools and simplifies the content structure and maintenance.

Learn how Danish Agro runs more than 40 different sites from the same Dynamicweb platform


Easy File Handling

Use the ‘drag and drop’ tool to enrich your content with media and files. Everything is stored in the integrated File Manager, where you can edit photos (like resizing and cropping) before using across different pages and websites.

Watch 2-minute demo: File handling in Dynamicweb

Fully responsive!

Deliver your message and engage your audience through all devices! Dynamicweb is fully responsive and automatically presents your content in the best possible format.

Download white paper: 7 keys to creating the best online customer experience possible


Customizable content dashboard

Define your own content dashboard with full view of your latest content creation and editing – including direct shortcuts to work in progress. 

Watch 2-minute demo: Setup personal dashboards in Dynamicweb

Split-test and optimize

Take the guesswork out of website optimization and enable data-informed decisions that shift business conversations from "we think" to "we know.“ Set it up once, and allow our platform to automatically favor the outperforming page.

Download white paper: 5 Ways to Generate More Leads from Your Digital Activities​


Versioning and workflow

Setup multiple workflows by using content drafts and comparing different versions before publishing on your website.

Turn Content Marketing trends and challenges into new opportunities

This white paper will analyze and cross-reference the results to identify current content marketing trends and challenges, and to pinpoint differences according to company sizes and industries. Based on a 2017 content marketing questionnaire survey conducted among 200 small, medium and large sized B2B and B2C companies.

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