Build your Webshop your way on a fully-customizable B2B and B2C eCommerce platform

Dynamicweb is a flexible and scalable eCommerce solution for expanding your business online and accelerating your digital transformation.

Provide personalized online webshop experiences for both B2B and B2C industries with a unified eCommerce platform that’s never limited by customizations or complex requirements. Dynamicweb unifies the critical components of your online strategy so you can innovate faster without complexity holding you back.

Comprehensive eCommerce capabilities

Customer Experience

Customer Experience

• Multi-channel publishing and support for all devices

• Personalization to deliver targeted and relevant products

• Suggested type ahead site-search and product filtering

Growth Drivers

Growth Drivers‚Äč

• Operate multiple B2B and B2C eCommerce storefronts from one platform

• Multi-language, multicurrency, payments and taxes

• Integrated email marketing automation

Process Optimization

Process Optimization

• eCommerce and ERP integration for product data, invoicing, credit check etc. 

• Self-service for reorder, returns and order history

• Customer-specific pricing and discounts from the ERP

B2B meets B2C eCommerce - Create lifetime customers through the best possible customer experience

Show your customers that you care by integrating your eCommerce store into your ERP and CRM. By leveraging all available customer data you can provide a customer experience that turns customers into fans.

Create self-service portals by integrating with Microsoft Dynamics ERP or other ERP systems and empower customers with everything they need, like order history, invoice payments, RMA, custom pricing, and more.

Watch 2-minute demo: Setup Multiple Shops and Product Catalogs in Dynamicweb


Customer portal for 24/7 self-service

Leverage ERP data to provide excellent, automatic customer service. Enable your customers to access order history, re-ordering, invoices, RMA, address books and more. 

Download white paper: Explore the new potential in B2B eCommerce

International expansion and global retail made easy

Meet your customers where they are. Dynamicweb supports your international ecommerce expansion with local languages, currencies, payment providers, VAT/Sales Tax and shipping methods.

Watch 2-minute demo: Setup multiple Shops and Product Catalogs in Dynamicweb


Build better commerce experiences supported by customer data

Having the visibility of what shop, product offer, channel or campaign is driving success to your organization will help you make data-driven decisions.

Dynamicweb comes with standard, but customizable, dashboards and reports that will enable you to make informed decisions.

Watch 2-minute demo: Setup Promo Codes / Discounts in Dynamicweb


No more abandoned carts

Reduce cart abandonment through automated reminders for logged in customers and request emails for guest users. 

Download white paper: Raise revenue by activating Abandoned Shopping Carts

Show customer-specific pricing with Dynamicweb

Millarco International's new B2B eCommerce portal gives their customers a login which enables individual customer prices transmitted directly from their ERP system, Dynamics AX.

Discover how Millarco increased revenue with a B2B eCommerce portal


Accelerate Customer Experience

Increase your sales and improve the customer experience through speed and improved site search capabilities - including data driven suggestions, filtering and up- cross selling functions. Your customers will love it – and so will the search engines!

Download white paper: 7 keys to creating the best online customer experience possible

Increase product visibility and conversions

Increase conversions with effective and relevant product recommendations, time limited campaigns, personal promo codes (vouchers) or by reactivating abandoned shopping carts.

Download white paper: Why you need more than a shopping cart


Sell on third-party online marketplaces

Connect products from your Dynamicweb platform to online marketplaces with ease, such as Amazon, eBay, Wayfair and many more. 

Download white paper: Increase sales with Multichannel Publishing

Intelligent Targeting

Blend on-site behavior with ERP or CRM data to target customers. Set it up once, and Dynamicweb can automatically deliver drip email campaigns that are designed to increase sales.

Watch 2-minute demo: Email Segmentation in Dynamicweb


Reactivate Abandoned Shopping Carts

Research shows that abandoned shopping carts represent hot sales opportunities, and that reactivation can improve total eCommerce revenues by up to 12%. The question is why carts are abandoned and more importantly how to reactivate them?

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