5 Ways Better eCommerce Search and Filter Can Increase Conversions

Written by Dynamicweb on 03.09.2022, 00:00
5 Ways Better eCommerce Search and Filter Can Increase Conversions

The quality of an eCommerce search function has a significant impact on the buying behavior of consumers. Research shows that shoppers using a site search  twice as likely to convert browsing behaviors into sales. As many as 69% of consumers report that a successful site searching experience will lead them to purchase additional items. 

On the flip side, if consumers cannot find the items they need, 52% of them will abandon the journey entirely and go elsewhere. Furthermore, if shoppers find your search bar to be lacking, 76% of potential customers will abandon your site – an unfortunate reality that costs eCommerce businesses more than $300 billion annually in the United States alone. 

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An optimized search bar provides value to both buyers and sellers, and businesses who have insufficient eCommerce search solutions are likely losing out on substantial revenue. 

Why is eCommerce site search important for an eCommerce business to have

An eCommerce site search provides a few key advantages. It is an important feature that helps shoppers find the items they need as quickly as possible, but also through which meaningful data points can be collected. 

The most successful eCommerce site search boxes can assist customers in locating what they need, even when they are not entirely clear themselves. An eCommerce site search can provide autofill suggestions, understand and correct misspelled words, see past typos, and offer useful filters. 

An eCommerce site search is also an important feature through which businesses can collect critical data points that detail:

  • What customers want 

  • The words and phrases customers use to describe or refer to the products or services they want 

  • Opportunities for using personalization strategies to optimize the business offerings 

eCommerce site searches are important because they create value for both customers and businesses, and ultimately increase conversions.

Increasing Conversions with eCommerce Search Solutions

There are a number of ways in which eCommerce search can increase conversions.  Let’s take a look at five capabilities that can improve the customer experience and drive sales. 

  1. Provide Personalized Product Recommendations

With personalized product recommendations that appear in the search results, you can guide customers toward the products that fit their needs and desires. Effective and relevant product recommendations can increase product visibility and lead to an increase in conversion rates. 

  1. Target Suggestions and Results with Ranking Algorithms

Ranking algorithms can apply to both autocomplete product keywords and suggestions as well as the products and services listed on the SERP. To provide autocomplete information and results that are most useful and appealing to customers, the algorithms can account for the relevancy and popularity of the information and results. 

  1. Reduce Zero-Result Pages

Zero results is a common issue with older or inferior search engines. In these contexts, a typo, unrecognized synonym, or misspelled word can easily return a zero-result page. This can be frustrating to the consumer and problematic for the business as it substantially increases the changes of an abandoned search. Intelligent eCommerce search solutions can reduce occurrences of zero-result pages by providing relevant results for even the most obscure searches. By displaying the best available results, customers are more likely to find what they are looking for and more likely to complete a purchase. 

  1. Provide Up-to-Date Suggestions and Results 

Through frequent data refresh, shoppers can receive dynamic keyword suggestions and search results that are not just relevant, but also accurately reflect available inventory. By providing reliably up-to-date information, the eCommerce site search becomes a feature customers can rely on to locate everything they need. 

  1. Collect Data 

Through machine learning, Natural Language Processing, and data collection solutions driven by artificial intelligence, the search box can collect key data points and use the information to improve the relevancy and personalization delivered in subsequent visits. The collection of data points will increase the site search’s understanding of each customer, enhance each user’s experience, and drive the conversion rate. 

eCommerce Search in Dynamicweb

Dynamicweb’s powerful built-in PIM solution lets you easily enrich your products with any number of details, specifications, or other data points that can be used to display the products in searches and filters. The eCommerce search includes predictive, type-ahead search so that users can find what they need, even if they don’t know the exact product name. Dynamicweb’s eCommerce suite helps B2B and B2C businesses increase sales and improve the customer experience with data-driven suggestions, intelligent filtering, and up- and cross-selling functions.

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