Why you need more than a shopping cart

Do you want to know why some companies fail at online selling while others thrive?

Well, the winners understand that in the impatient world of ecommerce, where your competition is merely a click away, optimizing the customer experience is crucial for successful e-business.

Those businesses having trouble often underestimate what today’s customer demands from a satisfying online experience. Having an e-business site with a “Buy Now” button and a shopping cart and are not enough to satisfy any customer accustomed to extensive self-service, and personalized ecommerce, when they do business online.

Read on as we show you, step-by-step, how to:

1. Optimize your customer experience
2. Deliver the content customers rely on to make their purchase decisions
3. Personalize your visitors’ online experience,
4. Guide customers toward the most relevant products that fit their needs
5. And implement the digital ecommerce solution that makes it all possible

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True omni-channel ecommerce experiences require more than a shopping cart and a retail POS – they require tight integration between systems. LS Retail and Dynamicweb empower retailers with true Omni-channel solutions capable of uniting offline operations and ecommerce.

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